My Story

My Story

A Little Bit of Background…

When I realised the positive impact this oil was having on my life I decided to start looking into different types and really trying to find out what worked best for me. I’m not a medical professional and I’m not promising anything to anyone, I’m simply stating the facts of my experience and how it has greatly benefited me.

This oil has changed my life.

About two years ago I started using it as a friend recommended it. The first time I tried it, it was very positive experience. I began using it on a regular basis and it became a regular part of my self care routine. For long as I can remember I’ve had to work hard at my mental health, it never came easy, nothing too serious, thankfully, but since primary school it was very obvious that I struggled finding balance within my moods and behaviour. I struggled to feel content. I tried different types of prescribed medicine but everything had some weird side effect. Through the years this led to alcohol abuse as I regularly felt agitated and uncomfortable in my own skin. I always felt it was hard to socialise without drinking as I’d feel so anxious. Even though I was getting enough exercise, eating well and spending time with good people there was still something not right – like an itch you couldn’t scratch. It’s only in the last 3 years that I’ve been able to make real progress by laying out a blueprint for myself and what I needed to do to feel balanced and content in my own head. If I could change things I would but we all have to play with the cards we’ve been dealt.

The Turning Point

I wasn’t using the oil every day to begin with as I hadn’t experimented with it enough. While I knew it was helpful I wasn’t aware of its full potential. One of the reasons for this was that I hadn’t yet found the correct oil or dosage. 

In January 2020 I took part in Dry January, the first time I’ve ever done anything like that in my life, I decided to experiment with it a bit more (helped by the savings I was making from not drinking). I bought a stronger oil, took a little more than previously and, instead of keeping it in my mouth for 2-3 minutes, I kept it under my tongue for up to 10 minutes. I felt swallowing the oil too quickly was a waste as your stomach acids would neutralise some of the oil’s beneficial properties. 

Once I’d found the correct oil, strength, dosage and method of consumption, it was like a switch being turned on. I couldn’t believe it – I was in a great mood, I was calm, I was working 60-70 hour weeks trying to get everything done within my music project, but for once I wasn’t overwhelmed by it all. It was like a massive weight was lifted. For the next couple days I thought it was too good to be true, I thought it wouldn’t last, I was so taken aback by how much more settled and calm I was. People kept commenting on the change they had noticed in me. I was telling myself not to get my hopes up as I thought ‘surely, this wont last.’ 

It’s that feeling that a lot of the great things in life can end up having some pretty negative health impacts, so you shouldn’t do them as much as you like. Not with  this oil. All the stress that I would’ve normally been feeling, had massively reduced. I was fully aware of all the tasks that I had to get done whilst releasing music and managing the project but instead of being scared by the workload, instead I felt capable of it all. Everything that normally got to me on a daily basis and reducing my quality of life just didn’t hold the same weight anymore. I was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

This reduction of stress lead to clarity of thought, clarity of thought improves ability to process thoughts which leads to making better decisions and increases your overall performance each day. Instead of feeling like I needed to stand back and not work so hard to get everything done I felt there was a lot more space in my mind to take on everything I wanted to without it negatively impacting my mental health. I love my work and I love being busy, I don’t know anything else. But there are some major downfalls with the pressure and stress that comes with that  this oil allows my mind to slow down whilst still having the same output. Like some kind of magic. 


Once I realised the many benefits I was experiencing from using oil I started posting about it and talking about it publicly. From there people began asking me where or who I was getting it from, and then it clicked. So, after two years of trying different types of oil I eventually found the best one. I then developed it into my own specific blend via fully  licensed laboratories under the Novel Foods Licence Act. From there, Life Design was born. 

Named appropriately after my song, ‘Life Design’. We made some tweaks along the way to get it to where it is now and I couldn’t be happier with it. It is the best oil I’ve used and it is the best value as you can pay between £65-£80 for a 20% oil, and I have. You’ll say to yourself, of course he’d say that, but it’s the truth. My thinking is – it has to be amazing quality otherwise what’s the point in selling it, no-one will come back for more if it isn’t and it has to be the oil that I use on a daily basis. I had to have an overwhelmingly positive experience with it before I could stand behind it and put all my time, money and energy into building a brand around it.

There’s lots of different types and strains from all over the world and it’s easy to get lost once you start looking into it. Their quality also varies from brand to brand and that’s why I’ve spent the time trying to find the best I could. 

My Music, My Ethos

Mental health has unfortunately always been a consistent feature throughout my life and so that theme has organically become a large part of my music. 

I realised the oil tied in quite well with my music and ethos of looking after your head. Selling music and merch is one of the hardest things to sell, especially in Covid times.. art is a luxury, so only when someone’s feeling flush will they consider buying something to support an artists, whereas when it comes to health, being content, being happy, that’s a lot higher on people’s lists, and rightly so.

In time I think most people will be using it on a regular basis so my thinking is that if you know me and/or support my music, you might want to try my oil. Before Covid hit I had saved for years, things were going well financially but I wasn’t happy – I was singing in pubs 6 nights a week to the point where most days I couldn’t speak. Now, all my savings have run out and I’ve had to turn to a new venture. I’m optimistic and glad that I’m finally getting Life Design off the ground because all I really want to do is keep writing, producing and releasing music. However, the financial reality of that isn’t sustainable right now and if I don’t come up with a solution I’ll have to put the brakes on my music career until I find another means of income.

So, this is my solution – to be able to invest in my music career and to do something I’m really proud of and, as cliché as it sounds, to really make a difference to people’s lives as it has done with mine.