Life Design Oil 10% (1000mg) – Coconut Flavour


Contains high quality natural ingredients originating in Oregon, USA. Life Design is grown organically, sustainably and licensed under the Novel Food Act 2021.

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Life Design Oil contains 100% natural ingredients from the highest quality matte which originates in Oregon, USA. The matter is grown organically and sustainably and fully licensed under the Novel Food Act 2021.

Summary of major benefits that I currently feel from using this Oil:

-Great reduction in anxiety, very little to none.

-Greatly reduced stress levels

-Lower blood pressure

-Higher productivity 

-Higher energy levels

-Sharper and more focused

-Drinking less due to lower social anxiety

-Better clarity of thought

-Improved managerial performance, leadership and team communication

-Consistently better mood

-Reduced lower back pain

-Increased resilience to everyday life situations e.g living arrangements, relationships and work/projects not going to plan 

-Overthinking greatly reduced

-Sleeping better and more time spent in deeper sleep  contributing to increasing mood, energy, focus, metabolism and lots more

-Easier to get to sleep

-Reduced acid reflux and reduced stomach agitation due to anti-inflammatory properties. This has been aided by reduced stress levels and less alcohol intake as a result of all of the above

-Better relationships due to all of the above

-Physical symptoms of ADHD greatly reduced and also finding it easier to sit still

-Lessened negative impacts of working long hours 

-Faster recovery from working out, running and cycling due to the anti-inflammatory properties

-Higher sporting ability due to less anxiety around performance

-Higher performance whilst recording, playing or singing difficult parts, less anxiety around those parts, (this is known as ‘Red light fever’ and is very common), I’m confident this would apply to other highly skilled tasks, jobs or hobbies as often stress and nerves get in the way of us performing to our true potential.   

***All of the above are benefits that I currently experience from using this oil.  While I’m not promising these effects for everyone, I’m very optimistic that I will receive very positive feedback from those who have used this oil.****

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